Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

The first step is to establish your personal business goals and identifying your target customer and geographical footprint area. We then develop a digital strategy, install analytics, and collect data to measure your return on investment and results.

Local Listings

Next, we establish local listings on the top sites to allow your business to be found on mobile voice searches, review sites, social media, business listings, maps, and industry specific platforms. We tell your unique story to build trust online and present your company in a way that drives social selling and keeps them coming back!



Then, we add Search Engine Marketing pay-per-click ads, video ads, and remarketing graphics on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo/Bing for quick results.  Long term Search Engine Optimization includes keyword integration,  consistent blog streams of quality content, and link building to dominate local queries on search engines.

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Mobile Content Is King

Mobile responsive websites are all that Google indexes, therefore, it's all we care about building. All of our solutions are built to perform best on mobile platforms to get the best quality user experience and according to best practices. We create custom blogs and landing pages with quality content and backlinking tactics.

Quality Imaging

The future of digital marketing consists of high-quality photo image based graphics and short snippet video content. Multi-screen consumers are inundated with content so our ads include beautiful custom photography and engaging videography to capture attention and maintain quality engagement.

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Next Steps...

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